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Solana Records 100% Uptime in Q2 2023, Outage in First Half

• Solana has seen a significant improvement in reliability and uptime in 2023, with only one outage recorded in the first half of the year.
• Solana’s performance is measured by uptime, the ratio of non-voting to voting transactions, blocktimes, and TPS.
• The network has seen an increase in maximum daily TPS since January due to new upgrades on the network.

Solana Network Performance Improves

The Solana Foundation recently released its latest performance report stating that it has improved the network through the first half of 2023, as measured by uptime and the ratio of non-voting-to-voting transactions. Co-founder Anatoly Yakovenko called outages a “curse” but said they were caused by low cost transactions on the network.


The report noted that Solana had achieved 100% uptime since Feb. 25th, marking a whole quarter without an outage. The single February outage saw the network knocked offline for almost 19 hours.

Voting Transactions

There have been improvements in the ratio of voting to non-voting transactions over time which should decrease as the overall percentage of voting transactions drops as efficiency increases on the network.

Blocktimes & TPS

Blocktimes, which measure how quickly new blocks are added to the chain, have also become more consistent aside from during an outage spike. Transactions per second (TPS) are also used to measure network performance and throughput and have increased significantly since January due to new upgrades on the network according to Dune Analytics which currently reports 3,777 TPS on the network.


Solana’s recent performance report shows that it has improved reliability and uptime so far this year with just one outage in 2023 while continuing to make improvements such as increasing maximum daily TPS since January through new upgrades and decreasing ratios between voting and non-voting transactions over time as efficiency increases .